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A Note on Our Masks

Our tech pack for fabric face masks is NOT an N95 or surgical grade face mask. If you have N95 or sterile surgical grade supplies, we urge you to consider donating these to hospitals in need as they are the first line of defense.

We know there is a lot of information out there and guidance may change in the future, but please let us know if you have any questions.

A few items to note:

  • The tech pack was derived from the Deaconess prototype and we have verified recommendations for 100% Cotton.

  • There is no pocket for a filter - the donated masks should be used on top of N95 or sterile surgical masks.

  • Prior to use, wash in hot water with detergent (sanitization setting on washing machine if possible).


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Jails are the last place people think of to help out and as a result, we usually have to scrimp on supplies.  Thank you so much for your work !!!
by Karen Burgess, Androscoggin County Jail, Maine

Masks for those in need.

We are shipping out today a batch of masks made in Colorado to the Androscoggin County Jail in Maine.
As requester Karen Burgess notes, a lot of people neglect jail and prison populations but they - and those who care for them - are usually overlooked and can be especially vulnerable without the ability to social distance.
More updates:
💝Total masks given: 2,320
😷Total masks requested: 18,030
🧵Total partner capacity (masks/week): 448,000
💸Total funding needed: $85,590.00
7:00 PM EST March 30, 2020

Update: Saturday, March 28, 2020

Woohoo! As of Friday evening, we have 2,210 thousand masks in production with partners across the US. That means we have 15,800 MORE MASKS TO GO based on current requests. Buy a mask, give many now to help us put thousands more masks into production next week!
10:00 PM EST March 28, 2020

Update: Thursday, March 26, 2020

We have requests for ~18K masks and 23K gowns and receive about 3-5 new requests for supplies for between 50-10K masks daily. We currently have production capacity for ~450K masks weekly and get about 7 new manufacturer partners daily. What's the biggest hurdle? Capital. We need about $90K to produce JUST the masks alone for the current requests. Can you help? Get in touch!
11:00 PM EST March 26, 2020

Awesome to hear [our requested masks are being made]]! Thank you so much!! I can't put into words how appreciative we are! You guys are doing something amazing here 😃.
by Kykle Winterstein - Captain/CEP  E172 "A" shift

Where are these masks going?

As of today, we have requests for over 17K masks across 7 states. Requests are being received from hospitals, fire stations, hospice care, homeless shelters and more.
We've share a brief video from Kyle Captain/CEP E172 "A" Shift of the Avondale Fire & Medical, the Fire Department for the City of Avondale, AZ. His request is currently being made on-demand by Victoria Howe in New York.
We still need over $80K to make all the masks requested. Now is the time, buy one, give many now or contact us to donate.
3:00 PM EST March 25, 2020

Just in!

Just IN - is donating materials! This brings costs down to $4 mask and we'll be able to fulfill more orders!
To get access to FREE 100% Cotton materials, sign up as a manufacturer!
7:00 PM EST March 24, 2020

UPDATE: Monday, March 23, 2020

Since starting this initiative Friday March 20, 2020, here's what we've accomplished:
💝Total masks given: 220
😷Total masks requested: 9,910
🧵Total partner capacity (masks/week): 119,625
💸Total funding needed to fulfill requests: $45,500.00
7:00 PM EST March 23, 2020