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What to know

What they think


They are offering an invaluable resource to designers.
by Nine Garcia - Creative Director Elle Magazine, Project Runway Judge
No one else can offer what they offer. Even if I had great designs, I would have never known how to break into the industry or open a store on my own....I just have to design and then their process takes over. It means so much to have that help.
by Meghan Hughes - Designer since 2014
[N.A.bld] has been a great assist to us as an emerging brand by giving us access to manufacturing and other opportunities that help in gaining brand exposure."
by John Bell - Head Designer
One of the most helpful things [N.A.bld] provides are pre-order sales. I don't have to place orders for materials and production unless I know that I'm going to be able to sell all of it.
by Bella Brandao - Designer
[N.A.bld] gives me a really sustainable way to do things, especially with the pre-sales. There's no waste. Millennials in particular feel attracted to anything that is sustainable. On our side, it's great because we don't get stuck with inventory we can't sell.
by Graciela Rivas - Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes you from everyone else?

Powered by N.A.bld, Nineteenth Amendment is the only pre-order and just-in-time marketplace for independent fashion made in the USA.

How does Nineteenth Amendment compare to other marketplaces?

Nineteenth Amendment has zero listing fees and a low transaction fee structure (10% of sales) to cover the transaction fees on shopping cart as well as site overhead and operations.

Do you have to use N.A.bld? Do you have to make in the USA?

Yes. All products must be made in the USA and brands must use the N.A.bld platform to make them.

How do I participate in the Nineteenth Amendment marketplace?

Participation in the Nineteenth Amendment marketplace is an optional benefit to any brands on our Production Plan. To become a brand in the marketplace, learn more about our requirements.

What kind of sales should I anticipate?

We do not garauntee any sales as we don't know what kind of product you are selling in advance! However, with the pre-sale or just-in-time model, you risk is limited and you can test products before investing in inventory.

What exactly am I signing up for? What are the features and benefits?

N.A.bld is a production software for inventory-free retailing and on-demand production. We help brands manage pre-orders and production orders and, if needed, give them access to vetted manufacturers to produce their items. The tool automates a lot of the tedious tasks of production management which helps increase speed to market, reduce costs, and democratize the fashion available to all.

Is exclusivity required?

No! You can sell where you'd like. We do not require exclusivity of products but we do ask for price consistency!

What kind of marketing is included?

A dedicated launch email and social posting on instagram is included for any products launched on the site.

What else is included?

Nineteenth Amendment support team handles all brand payouts, customer support, site updates, and inquiries - all you have to do is design and produce!

How does shipping work?

Unless N.A.bld is providing fulfillment as a service on behalf of the brand, a brand is responsible for producing and shipping directly to the customer

What's the average turn around time for shipping?

The turn around time depends on the product, brand and manufacturer. We do ask for anticipated production timeline in your tech packs.

How will I know when a sale is made?

A new Production Order will be created in your N.A.bld account whenever a sale as made. That PO will continue collecting orders until you go into production (you choose when to batch orders).

Can I use my own manufacturer or manufacturer in-house?

Yes! Contact us to onboard your manufacturer on the Production Plan or learn how you can operate on the platform if you are producing in-house with out In-House Plan :) .

How do I get paid?

Brands a paid via Paypal after 14 days of product being received by customer.

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