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Created on:
January 12, 2021

How To Make Your Production Process More Transparent

2021 will be the year of circularity and transparency in production - and even more so in apparel. 

Much of the stress of sharing details about the production process comes from having very complex and not entirely digital processes when it comes to having products made.

That’s where N.A.bld comes in! Now, it’s easier than ever to digitize your design-to-delivery process from day one of a product’s ideation.

How to get started with transparent production

Accurate Tech Packs

It starts with the linchpin of successful production - your tech pack or spec sheet. This is the manual for recreating your idea or product in a way that’s scaleable and contains all the information about how and from what the product is made - including costing and supplier location.

On N.A.bld - Enter your product details directly into your line and product page or work with our technical designers to help create the specs for your first product.

The beginning of a beautiful tech pack.

Thoughtful Sourcing

Your materials are a huge part of the tech pack and the ultimate life cycle of your product. Spend time thinking about how your materials relate to your values - be it accessibility, social or environmental - and document why you’re making specific choices.

On N.A.bld - Get assistance from our technical design team to source materials and design elements that compliment your values to build up your brand value proposition.


Vetted Partners

Next, you want to be able to identify trusted and skilled manufacturing partners who can work to recreate your product according to your specs and deliver in a timely manner.

On N.A.bld - Pick from pre-vetted manufacturers or on-board your own so that you have the business verification you need to get started.

Capture work in progress for team and customers.

Transparent Product History

Now, you’re ready to start producing. You want to be able to link your product specs with the manufacturing partner who is assembling your item on a specific SKU. Details in your supply chain like how long production takes, how much you pay per product for shipping, materials and labor, and who is making your product are crucial to collect. 

On N.A.bld - In one step link the manufacturer network, timeline, and production details with a specific order - all through automation and on-demand production. Send real time update emails to customers associated with each production run to show them the process and proactively communicate timelines as their product is made.

N.A.bld Production Timeline
A production lifecycle in your hands.

Get started today with supply chain transparency today.

How much of this information you choose to share with your customers is up to you - but with N.A.bld, the data is already available and now your brand can be inspired to execute a transparent and circular strategy.
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