Created on:
August 18, 2021

New to N.A.bld: Multi-Brand Dashboard

Many manufacturers and entrepreneurs we speak to have lots going on - whether they are working on a diffusion line, launching an in-house line, or working with multiple clients to develop the next big thing.

We understand the enthusiasm - and frustration. That's why we've just launched our multi-brand view - so you can manage your clients, your own brand and more - all in one view!

What’s new:

→ Get quick stats on your work in progress - in development and production

→ Access your brands and manufacturers all in one place

→ Filter lines in development and production in progress by brand and status

→ Give access to different lines by brand

N.A.bld Multi Brand Dashboard View

As a brand - keep your unique projects and brands separated with the correct collaborators.

As a manufacturer - launch and manage your in-house brand as well as your client’s production

As a consultant - have one view for you and another for your clients to share your design development in real-time.

Make your work work for you with one view of all your product development and all your work in progress in one place. Schedule a demo to learn more about our BRAND-new dashboard view!