Created on:
September 25, 2020

Shopify + N.A.bld = Inventory-free Retailing and On-demand Production Management

We’re excited to announce the launch of our N.A.bld app in the Shopify App store.

N.A.bld is a design-to-delivery production software for apparel and accessories brands to launch unique products faster with less risk than traditional retail. The N.A.bld platform gives brands of all sizes a place to upload and digitize their sketches and designs, find vetted on-demand, no minimum quick-turn US manufacturing to launch products sustainably and transparently with little to no inventory. 

With our enhanced e-commerce integration through Shopify, anyone can use the N.A.bld app and plug-and-play supply chain to develop and manufacture unique, ethically and sustainably made apparel and accessories products and run a vertically integrated brand by leveraging the power of Shopify and the N.A.bld platform and manufacturing network.

How brands can use N.A.bld


If you are new to manufacturing or a retail pro just looking to reduce risk - you can design products (in-house or with our design team) and launch them to market quickly, selling via pre-sale and manufacturing on-demand.


Are you looking for a way to do fully customizable apparel items beyond print-on-demand? With our no-minimum manufacturers, you can do fully customizable (size or decoration) production at scale.


Want more intelligence in your supply chain? Use our tool to streamline and manage your production team and partners in one place with automatic Bill of Materials, work-in-progress, and costing!


Already vertically integrated but looking for more? N.A.bld helps reduce the customer service burden by updating stakeholders with production details in real time - helping you implement a truly transparent supply chain so your customers know where and when their product was made.

How does it work?

1. Upload your product specs and materials. Don't have a design flushed out and need help? Schedule time for a personal consult with our production team and get additional development services to help with any step of the process.

2. Submit your product to a network of tech-enabled, no-minimum manufacturers that have been personally vetted by us and are based in the USA and get bids back in 2 days! Have a manufacturer already? Skip to step 3 and read more below!

3. Push the product on your Shopify store for pre-sale or pre-order.

4. Once sales start, batch orders and go into production with your manufacturing partner using N.A.bld to manage and track production updates along the way. Purchase orders and your bill of materials will be automatically created, making production management a breeze even if this is your first time manufacturing products.

5. Ship your product to customer and start designing your next launch!

Have a manufacturer already?

Onboard your manufacturing partner for FREE to implement a streamlined approach to production where they can add updates and react in real time to incoming orders.

What makes this different?

Unlike the traditional retail model, the N.A.bld app allows you to produce on-demand in a full pre-order model OR produce just-in-time, if you’re holding limited inventory. This retail model reduces the risk of launching a traditional store by freeing up cash flow, adding product development expertise, and connecting you with vetted no-minimum manufacturers to produce your unique products on-demand - all through a connected technology platform.

Get started today!

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Want to learn more?

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