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Created on:
August 26, 2020

Six Tips for Launching a Fashion Collection

Putting together a collection is a big deal! You’ve concepted the line, wrestled with muslin, sewn your first sample….But it doesn’t stop there! Make the most of all your efforts with these business best practices for launching a fashion collection with N.A.bld.

Here are SIX easy ways to get the largest audience for your collection launch and drive excitement and sales for your brand.

1. Prep your e-commerce and test it!

Make sure your products are complete, fully photographed with high quality images and product descriptions with complete product details like inseam measurements, care instructions, and any shipping details to name a few! Get your site prepped and up BEFORE your launch date and be sure to test check out.

PRO TIP: There are many e-commerce platforms that make it easy to launch a site quickly or, if you are interested in just designing, you can take advantage of our opt-in marketplace Nineteenth Amendment on the Pro-plan where all the e-commerce maintenance work is handled for you!

2. Add your shopping link across platforms

It may seem obvious but we are always surprised by the number of brands that miss out on a sales opportunity by not adding a sales link. Be sure a link to your shop is added to every profile and bio so that your audience can find you easily.

PRO TIP: Make sure you Call-to-Action (CTA) is obvious. Is it shoppable? Is it on sale? Let them know by calling attention to your shop.

3. Tease your launch

Show them a little bit, but not too much! You want to WOW shoppers with the inspiration or story behind your collection and emphasize standout items to get fans excited to shop the entire collection.

PRO TIP: Videos are great teasers and don’t have to be long or complicated. Consider an Instagram video or .GIF to share an initial look and your excitement for launch.

4. Get press (and followers) prepped

Use a press release and your personal contacts to engage with your various audiences before or right when your collection launches. Make sure you have email addresses and emails prepped to hit “Send” as soon as you can. (We recommend having at least 100 names to reach out to!)

PRO TIP: Pressed for time? Develop an email template and second email address and hire an intern or virtual assistant (on Upwork or Fiverr for example) to do the manual, personalized mail for you but allow 2-3 weeks for outreach prep.

5. Promote the launch

Plan your launch promotions in advance and stick to your plan. Consistency is key. Use a pre-sale discount to engage bloggers and media before the pre-sale begins. Tell them that by covering the story when the pre-sale begins, they can offer an exclusive discount to their audience for the next 19 days.

PRO TIP: Find a niche blogger or influencer, preferably someone you already have a relationship, to give them an exclusive on your launch and pre-sale – bloggers love offering things to their communities! Encourage the blogger to have their followers follow you so they can be fashion insiders for your next collection launch.

6. Consider a launch event

Maximize anything you already have planned by coordinating the launch of your first collection with an event, whether it’s an intimate trunk show, a trendy preview, or a full on fashion show. It’s a big deal to launch a collection. Why not us the opportunity for press, content, and sales!

PRO TIP: This can extend and invigorate events you are already planning or have been invited too. If you have nothing on the calendar, skip this step and focus on steps 1-5 – the more focus the better and you can always utilize this in your next collection launch!

And remember…

Every brand is different in the way they work, their audience, and their goals. Be sure to measure the ways your launch planning and prep has increased sales and what works and does not for your brand.

Got any other great launch promotional tips? Send us an email or suggest in the comments below!