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Created on:
August 26, 2020

The Best Soft Label and Tag Resources for your Brand

Your tags are permanent branding that stay with your designs and along with branding they’re also something you must legally include in commercially sold pieces. Tags are the soft labels that indicate the design origin, fabrication, country of origin, and so much more!

Check out our guide for the best labeling practices and resources!

Dutch Label Shop*

Pricing: Varies by type.Minimum: Varies by type. Lowest is 5 units for $20 for custom labels

Delivery time: 7 days to produce. Do offer expedited shipping but not expedited production. Based in Philadelphia.

Panda Trim*

Thermal printed custom labels can be printed SAME DAY in store in garment district on black or white in a number of colors

Pricing: Ranges from $25-60 USD depending on label type and what is printed. $15.00 for sample

Minimum: 1,000 units

Delivery time: PRINTS IN STORE!

Quality Woven Labels

Pricing: No service fee. Size and quantity determine price for custom products. They can provide a custom wholesale price quote based on your exact artwork and specifications for bulk orders of 20,000 pieces or more

Minimum: 5 pieces

Delivery time: 9 business day rush turnaround option. Standard turnaround time is 10-12 business days

Clothing Labels 4U

Pricing: No service fee. Dependent on product and quantity.

Minimum: 75 pieces for woven labels

Delivery time: Not listed.


Pricing: No service fee. Dependent on product and quantity.

Minimum: Standard labels: 25 label minimum. Non-standard spec woven labels: 300 label minimum.  Printed labels: 50 label minimum.

Delivery time: 14 days. Standard is two weeks for custom product. Expedited shipping is over $40 additional.

Cruz Label

Pricing: Dependent on product and quantity. Must get a quote to see pricing.

Minimum: Minimums vary by item BUT most start at 500 units.

Turnaround time: Varies by product! Check it out in their FAQS.

*Nineteenth Amendment tested!

A few quick tips:

  • Don’t select heat transfer labels – unless you have a construction reason to do so. Heat transferred labels tend to wear over time.
  • Woven labels have great durability compared to satin labels.
  • A lot of these suppliers can provide hang tags as well! So be sure to check them out at the same time – you may get a discount in bulk!
  • In a time crunch? Consider making your own labels at home or use tags printed on business cards with a hole punch. Panda Trim (above) can even print on-demand in store! Really strapped? Print custom yardage as a print pattern wit your label and cut it #hack.
  • Consider getting dark and light labels to correspond with the colors of your garments so that they don’t show through your fabric!

What else do I need?

Great question! Don’t forget:

  • Size label – a good thing to stock up on and usually sold in bulk. We also suggest stocking this in house for on-demand orders.
  • Care instructions label – we suggest dry clean only or hand wash for Nineteenth Amendment garments. We also suggest stocking this in house for on-demand orders.
  • Content label – another good one to stock up on so you have them for the fabric you tend to use most. We also suggest stocking this in house for on-demand orders.
  • ‘American made of foreign materials’ or ‘USA made of foreign materials’ label – we suggest this label as most of your materials may not originate from the US

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