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Created on:
August 26, 2020

Three Tips to Get Press as a Fashion Brand

How do you get great press? One of the most desired ways of getting a fashion brand known is through a great write up in a widely read publication. Typically, brands believe the only way to do this is to get a public relations agency or service provider. However, this cost can be thousands of dollars a month. Because a monthly PR retainer isn’t in everyone’s budget and we’re strong believers in stiletto-strapping (we do it ourselves for press!), we’re sharing our method for getting great press with our fashion brands.


You may be asking, “But wait, you’re a fashion tech company! How are you qualified to talk PR?” Nineteenth Amendment has been written about in top publications such as WWD, The Wall St. Journal, The New York Times, InStyle, The Huffington Post and many more. Last year, we used our method to get one of our brands a full page article in Conde Nast Traveler. The full page placement (see below) is an estimated $60k value. Did you know it all started with a LinkedIn message?

Sounds easy enough right? Here’s what you can do now for free to start building your own PR juggernaut:

TIP 1: Befriend content creators and reach out!

Whether they are bloggers, influencers, or journalists, make an effort to get to know the person behind the keyboard. Set up Google Alerts for topics that are relative to your brand i.e. sustainable fashion, independent designers etc. Google Alerts are sent directly to your email so you can keep up with what creators are focusing on content wise that is relative to your brand. Once you identify those content creators connect with them! Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and in some cases Facebook are all fair game and will help you bypass overfilled email inboxes. By going the social platform route of outreach you’ll also be giving the creator a quick glimpse of your brand…so make sure your branding is strong!

TIP 2: Everything is a story and you have to share it often

Social media has given you the power of storytelling and, if you’re not telling your story constantly, you’re doing a disservice to you and your brand. From sourcing inspiration to launching a collection in a public way, there’s a story begging to be told. Develop an email list of content creators and use a smart email system like MixMax to send out personalized and trackable emails with quick snippets of news. You don’t need to send a full press release (and we recommend that you don’t unless you’re planning on paying to put it “over the wire” which can cost a few thousand dollars). Just write a short paragraph (and a photo/video if you can!) teasing what you’re up to! Even if a content creator doesn’t bite, your email brings your brand to top of mind for them and you’ll be able to build upon your story with each email.

TIP 3: Relationship building is the key to building a brand

You don’t necessarily need to send content creators free product but you do need to make them feel like they are an important part of your brand’s growth – and they are! Remember, it’s just as important to content creators that they’re discovering and sharing the best of the new with their readership but first you need to convince them that your brand is just that. Handwritten thank you cards, buying drinks (coffee or otherwise!), and inviting them to events even if they are not your own are great ways to forge relationships and create a lasting dialogue. Content creators move publications frequently or freelance so you never know what opportunities will arise!  Public relations is a long game (hence why it’s called relations) and it’s about creating a relationship with both readers and writers.

Here at N.A.bld, we have met many brands and worked hard to build relationships with fashion press and supporters. The process is all about relationship building. And while there is no quick way to get into the pages of Vogue, having a great story is an important part of the process.