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Frequently Asked Questions

A plan for every brand with services to help when you need it.

Do you have to be a trained designer?

Nope! Depending on your level of comfort, you may be able to use our self-service plans (Starter, In-House, and Production Plan) all by yourself no matter what your experience. If you are getting started from scratch, we recommend you sign up for a consultation to see if the Concierge Plan is right for you.

How does bidding work?

Once your tech pack is reviewed and complete, you can submit your item to manufacturers for bidding by requesting a quote. They will respond to your quote request within 48 business hours. When you see a bid you like, you can move forward by creating a purchase order for that partner.

Are there any additional fees associated with the site?

Beyond the subscription fees, you are responsible for paying the cost of labor for manufacturing to your production partner or supplier, the cost of materials, the cost of shipping, and for the cost of any additional services you request above and beyond those provided within your plan.

What if I need additional support or resources?

We have dedicated support to answer your questions via email, chat, and phone. If there are any areas you need additional help, we have discounted services and a marketplace of vetted suppliers and manufacturers to fill in where you need help.
If you are looking for additional support, you may want to consider our Concierge Plan. Please contact us for details!

What's the difference between the In-house and Production plans?

The In-House Plan is for brands who produce internally and sell on their own site - they are looking for a tool to manage and communicate their process to their team and customers. The Production Plan is for brands who are looking for a manufacturer to produce quick-turn or sample their products and who are looking to sell through the Nineteenth Amendment marketplace.

How do I participate in the Nineteenth Amendment marketplace?

Participation in the Nineteenth Amendment marketplace is an optional benefit to any brands on our Production Plan. To become a brand in the marketplace, learn more about our requirements.

Got more questions? See more answers here or contact us!

What services do you provide for each product in a package?

In a package, you get discounted services to develop the products you need for launch. For each product developed, our bundles include:
- Consult Kick Off
- Tech Pack Creation
- Technical Drawings
- Patterning
- Cutter's Must
- Measurement Spec Sheet
- Sourcing Materials (Trims, Notions, and Fabrics)
- Labeling Details
- Fit Muslin Sample with one round of fit changes
- One year of access to our on-demand manufacturing network

It does not include materials or shipping related to swatching or sourcing fabrics and does not include production ready sample of item. Our goal is to get your product specs to the point of being able to sample with a manufacturer in our on-demand network.

How do I sign up for a package?

You can sign up for a consult with our team who can onboard you to the package of your choice after discussing the details of your project.

Why should I pick a package over itemized services?

Packages are a collection of our services combined to get you from sketch to proto sample in the easiest way possible - all at a discount. If you are starting from scratch and do not have technical expertise, we highly recommend starting with a bundle option.

What if I only need a few of these services?

Great! If a package isn't right for you but you still need some additional services, you can pick one of our monthly subscription and get access to the list of services here on an itemized basis.

What else do I need to know about packages?

Please review our package service terms here for more info.

Got more questions? See more answers here or contact us!

Can I use my own manufacturer or manufacturer in-house?

Yes! Contact us to onboard your manufacturer on the Production Plan or learn how you can operate on the platform if you are producing in-house with our In-House Plan :).

What if I don't have a manufacturer and need to find one? Do you help with that?

Yep! We have a network of vetted fashion manufacturers and service providers. To see the full list of vetted suppliers, you will need to be on the Production Plan. If you are looking for a very specific manufacturer resource, please contact us.

What's the average turn around time for your manufacturers?

The turn around time depends on the supplier, product, volume, shipping distance, how you are sourcing your inputs, and the supplier but on average it is 4-6 weeks.

How does the material sourcing work?

Each brand is responsible for sourcing and providing their material inputs for production and must do so before production begins. We offer a number of resources in our Facebook group and resource library - just inquire for access! If you need help finding a fabric, we offer sourcing as an additional service.

What are the minimums?

Our manufacturers have low to no-minimums (low MLQs) and do production samples. For the majority of our manufacturers and suppliers, the minimum is one unit.

Where are your manufacturers and suppliers based?

We make sure your products are manufactured ethically in vetted facilities across the United States. Each facility is pre-vetted by  our team for quality, integrity, and skill before we work with them. You can read more about our facilities within the app.

What if I can't find a manufacturer that works for me?

If you have a product that requires a special production partner, we are committed to helping source USA providers. Please contact us with your needs!

I am a manufacturer. How do I get involved?

We are currently sourcing manufacturers who are interested in a technology solution and can commit to flexible minimum production in the USA. Please refer to our Partner page for more information and contact us if that sounds like you! If you are based in the UK or EU, we have a waitlist for expansion so please get in touch.

Got more questions? See more answers here or contact us!

What services do you provide?

We provide a number of services for every brand on the platform! See a full list of services and pricing here.

Are services included in my subscription?

Great question! Our listed Plans (Tech Pack, In-House and Production Plans) do not include services but these services like pattern making and photography can be added as needed. If you are looking for a full-service experience, we recommend signing up for a demo consultation to discuss if a Concierge Plan is best for your brand.

How do I sign up for a service?

Our services are available to brands currently using the platform. Please note, some availability is based on  subscription level. If you are subscribed, please email us to start a service!

I am a service provider. How do I get involved?

We are currently sourcing service providers who have superb customer service and attention to detail and are interested streamlining the future of manufacturing. Please check out our Partners page and contact us if that sounds like you! If you are based in the UK or EU, we have a waitlist for expansion so please get in touch.

Got more questions? See more answers here or contact us!


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