Billing and Fees Policy

Last updated: January 15, 2020


Brand Subscription Fees
N.A.bld charges brands a subscription fee for a Brand's use of the N.A.bld platform. Every subscription has a free trial period. At the end of the trial period, the payment method used at signup will be charged for the subscription fee. This fee is for access to the production platform and optional sales channel and does not include any other services. If you are interested in additional services, see our Brand Services. Subscriptions renew automatically on a monthly or annual basis.

Pausing and Canceling an Account

To cancel an account during your trial period, please use the chat in the lower right of your screen or send an email to If an account is canceled and processed within the trail period, no charges will occur. An active account can be cancelled with at least 30 days’ notice through the ACCOUNT PLAN section of your account or by contacting us at with email title “CANCELLATION REQUEST”. A subscription may not be canceled during the fulfillment of services, during a production order or during the fulfillment of a purchase order.  N.A.bld will bill the Brand for past due fees if the account is past due and payment was not remitted for services rendered or subscription. These fees are liable to be changed at any time at the discretion of N.A.bld. To see a list of plan pricing, click here.

Please note, if you cancel your account, you will no longer be able to access your Brand Admin functions including past purchase orders, manufacturers, sales and customer information and all information will be deleted. If you would like to maintain your data, your account can be put on the Pause Plan for USD $14.99/month.  

If you are the account owner, then you can pause your account temporarily. Pausing your account disables creating or editing information but keeps your data safe and secure at a reduced cost of $14.99 USD per month. This means you can see your products and data for reference but can't edit them. This is great to use if you are taking a sabbatical from your brand. If you want to start making products again, then you can unpause your store at any time by choosing a new N.A.bld plan. You need to pay any outstanding charges before you can pause or close your account. If you have no outstanding charges against your account, then you will receive no bill after closing your store or pausing. Pausing your store during your free trial does not extend your free trial period and closing your store will cause you to forfeit all legacy details of your plan. If you unpause your account after your free trial expires, then you need to select a paid plan to continue working on your store. For more help with pausing or closing your store, contact

Fees + Commissions

N.A.bld takes a transaction fee for every purchase order processed above 100 units. The transaction fee is 10% for orders over 100 units per SKU, 15% for orders over 500 units per SKU, 20% for orders over 1000 units per SKU, and 25% for orders over 10,000 units per SKU. Brands who chose to pre-sell through the optional Nineteenth Amendment marketplace will be charged a fee on consumer sales and shall receive payouts for any sales of their products in accordance with Nineteenth Amendment’s Sales Fees and Brand Terms. If a Brand uses a N.A.bld Manufacturing Partner or Supplier Partner, Brands are solely responsible for timely payment to Partner for all purchase orders. When a Brand receives a Partner's invoice, they must abide by that Partner’s payment terms. 

Services and Labor

Brands are solely responsible for all payment of labor related to the rendering of services or assembly of product as requested through the platform.

Shipping Fees for Samples

Brands are solely responsible for any shipping fees related to the shipment of their products and materials. Brand is also solely responsible for any shipping fees related to any shipping or drop-off of products to N.A.bld and Partners. 


In order to sign up on N.A.bld as a Brand, you must have a US-based credit card or operate out of a Stripe-supported geography. If you do not fit either of those criteria, you must have a PayPal account and contact us before getting started. 

Currency Conversion

All fees that are listed on your N.A.bld bill are in US Dollars, and you are responsible for any currency exchange rates as at the time of payment. 

Brand Services

Once you sign up for a N.A.bld plan, you are able to take advantage of our additional Manufacturer Supplier Marketplace and Brand Services! N.A.bld has cultivated a strong network of partner service providers and opportunities that we offer to our Brands, including services around photography, press, stylists, production assistance, and merchandising. These services are opt-in and billed separately if payment is required. This also includes access to our exclusive FOR DESIGNERS Facebook group which we use to post opportunities and references in real-time. Please visit our Brand Services or email for more information. 

N.A.bld reserves the right to alter these policies at any time by posting them to our website. Your continued use of the site affects your agreement to such changed policies.

Effective Date: JANUARY 15, 2020